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Ruth Lee Fire House Training Dummy (70kg)

  • The Fire House Manikins demonstrate a good balance between temperature and abrasion resistance
  • The manikin carcass is constructed using heavy duty canvas, reinforced with 38mm Nomex webbing as opposed to the polypropylene webbing found on the general purpose range - standard Polypropylene webbing will go brittle and melt at the high temperatures this manikin is designed to withstand
  • The protective overalls are constructed using a Nomex blend material which conforms to EN11612 and offers good protection against high temperatures - it is permanently non-flammable and most commonly used in protective clothing to protect against heat and flames
  • The protective overalls are also reinforced using Nomex webbing to improve the abrasion resistance and strength - the overalls are fitted using 20mm Kevlar ties, as the standard Velcro fastening melt at these high temperatures
  • The ends of the arms, which have been identified as a high wear area, are reinforced with 5mm leather to provide extra protection
  • The Fire House Manikin will easily withstand temperatures of around 160°C at floor level (400°C at the ceiling!) for many hours and are designed for general training in and around fire houses and hot fire cell training
  • The new manikins are far more robust than the previous FR models and are considerably cheaper
  • They will of course deteriorate if placed to close to naked flames or used in excessive temperatures, just as any fire kit would
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